A website dedicated to newborn circumcision

Welcome to MichiganCircumcision.com!  

This website was designed and created by Dr. Craig Singer, a board certified dermatologist and pediatrician, specializing in newborn circumcision.  

Dr. Singer is an expert in newborn circumcision, having performed more than 2000 procedures. Dr. Singer's surgical technique provides outstanding cosmetic results with minimal discomfort and maximum safety. 

The circumcision is performed in an outpatient office using either the Mogen clamp, with the aid of local anesthesia. The baby's parents remain with their newborn during the entire procedure (approximately 60 seconds) and are encouraged to hold or nurse their baby immediately afterwards.

Dr. Singer performs circumcisions for healthy newborns boys less than 30 days of age, as well as premature infants weighing between 5 to 10 pounds. Older infants are considered on a case by case basis.

Please browse this website for further information regarding technical aspects of the procedure, local  anesthesia, preparation, aftercare as well as Dr. Singer's background and training.


If you are interested in a bris (i.e. ritual circumcision), please follow the link to www.DetroitBris.com

To make an appointment, please call Craig Singer MD Dermatology PLLC at (248)792-3785.